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The Team

Meet the women taking on the adventure of a lifetime


Meet our boat Julie! Julie was made by Rannoch Adventure in England and is a model R45 Elite ocean rowing boat. This will be her second ocean crossing. Julie is named after team members Gabe and Megan Guefen’s mom, who passed away from cancer on January 8, 2023, five months after the team began their campaign. Julie was a fierce supporter of Gabe and Megan. She was the definition of a ‘soccer mom’ in the best possible way, showing up to every game, meet, regatta, or performance, always cheering the loudest, taking a million pictures, and with a bag load of snacks. From the time she was young, Julie was a huge supporter of equity in sports for women and girls and even lobbied the school board at her high school to add a girls soccer team. We know she will be cheering for us all the way to Hawaii and will be standing at the finish line in spirit.

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