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Welcome to the Club

Fun fact! If 250 people donate $250 to our cause, we would be able to fund the entire cost of our ocean rowing boat. Not only would your donation of $250 help us get one step closer to the start line, but your name would be featured on both our boat and on our website. Consider joining the club today!


Welcome to the Club!

250 Club Members

Thank you to our members!

Melanie Piltzecker       Paul Rubin       Rich Saeger       Janice Pelo       Ken Fields       Lisa Kaminski       Louis Wolff       Shannon & Gilbert Martinez       Alona Feit       Tilly O'Mighty       Robin Dodson       Chris Tolles       Eric Guefen       

Keenan Maher       Alice Godfred       Julia Dallas       Alina & Marcus East       

Melanie Arena       Marlene Koury       Art & Lindsey Lombardi       Angela Brown       The Schwartz Family       Matthew Gurka       Amber Dempsey       

David Findley       Alec Abbott       Alan Coats       Eitan Raitses

Ellie Harte       Karen Dempsey       Kandace Holly       Nancy Miller        

Ali Freeman       The Harte Family       Richard Haskins       Sally Haskins

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